PVP Content Arrives MU Legend OBT on December 5th

WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, today announces the upcoming addition of PVP content to its well-acclaimed ARPG MU Legend.

Just 1 month on from the official OBT launch, WEBZEN is set to release its first content update for the game. On December 5th, the highly anticipated first set of PVP features will be unlocked, enabling players worldwide to compete with each other in fast-paced, cross-server 3v3 battles.

The cross-server functionality will enable users in specific regions to challenge players from other servers in the same region.

Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin, comments: "As avid players of the game ourselves, we share the excitement of our fans regarding the arrival of the first set of PVP features to MU Legend. We're looking forward to seeing our players using the new features and finally putting their skills and gear to the test in PVP battle!"

He adds: "We will continue to add PVP content to MU Legend's global version according to our production roadmaps and milestones while also maintaining our efforts into expanding PVE functionality. Even though hack-&-slash games are usually more PVE oriented, we at WEBZEN believe that MU Legend also allows players to explore the PVP aspects of the genre to the fullest degree."

While WEBZEN is working on December's PVP update, new content, which will combine social & PVP features, is already scheduled and on its way.

Hundreds of thousands of players have already tried the global OBT, which is available in English, French, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, German and Polish. Players are being reminded that this OBT will have NO WIPE, hence all characters from the OBT will stay available up to any point in the future.

To play today and to learn more about MU Legend, visit the official website. Insterested gamers can vote for MU Legend at our 2017 MMOsite Readers' Awards beginning Dec.1st: