Pantropy Moves Up Their Kickstarter to Feb 6th 2018

In a recent statement, Sebastian Kaulitzki, Producer at Brain Stone GmbH has made the announcement that Pantropy is moving their Kickstarter up to February 6th, 2018, from their previously planned Nov 7th launch in order to add some polishing touches to their games alpha version. In his statement, Sebastian Kaulitzki announces what fans can expect.
"We have decided to delay the Kickstarter. Even at this early stage, we don't want to sell keys to a closed alpha that doesn't meet our standards. We rather delay it than launching an unpolished game. We don´t think that we're ready to launch the alpha yet. We'll give away a few keys during the Friday streams and will continue to work hard on the closed alpha. The Kickstarter launch will be moved to the 6th February." says Sebastian Kaulitzki, Producer at Brain Stone GmbH.
Pantropy, currently in pre-alpha, is not just another survival game, the game offers a unique experience as a Sci-fi Mech/FPS Hybrid with RPG elements, along with having a strong focus on both PVE and PVP gameplay.

“Players won't find themselves in the typical deathmatch scenario. They’ll be able to choose a faction once they join a server. We built-in a feature which places a player among friends and other faction members the moment they are spawned onto a map, so potential enemies can be clearly identified.This limits the whole K.O.S. (Kill on sight) - factor.”, says Sebastian Kaulitzki, Producer at Brain Stone GmbH.
An exclusive press demo will be available soon, all verified media outlets and streamers interested can request this demo here.

View a recent live stream where the developers give a hands-on overview of the game in progress: